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Last updated: August 2019

Welcome to my Smugmug site. It's maintained mostly because I enjoy sharing the beauty that can be found around us, often in quite ordinary places. This page runs a slide show of my personal faves. Sit back and enjoy, or find your own faves by clicking on the "Browse" or "Search" button (they're both just to the left). Hope you enjoy sharing these as much as I do! If you want to come back to this page, just click on "Home"

Once in a while, I am asked by artists if they can use my images as reference photos for their paintings - in the spirit of collaboration - YES. Please acknowledge the source in your marketing, but I am quite happy to share in this manner

Karen's Faves Slideshow

What are You Looking At?

What are You Looking At?

June 30, 2014. Took another drive along HWY 40 and found this sow and her very curious young cub near the Little Highwood Pass trail head. Amazing day!